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Gordon Rottman lives in Cypress, Texas. He served in the Army for 26 years including as a Green Beret in Vietnam and in the paratroopers, a long-range reconnaissance patrol unit, and military intelligence assignments. As a civilian contractor he wrote war games for Green Berets for 11 years. He’s written over 130 military history books, co-authored three “Tom Clancy-like” World War III techno-thrillers, a YA survival adventure novel, and the award winning The Hardest Ride, a historic Western romance.

The presentation will begin with a discussion of the basics of the Army, unit organization, rank and its importance, terminology, misconceptions, selecting an effective POV, and information sources.

May 14, 2016 Agenda

business meeting:  9:00-10:00
presentation:  10:30-12:00