February 13, 2016 EmilyGoddess




West Houston RWA Congratulates the Winners of the 2016 Emily Contest!

Contemporary Romance – Long

A Warrior's Heart by Vicki Tharp (full request – editor)

Living on a Dare by Lisa Hayden (full request – editor)

Secrets in the Walls by Barbara Heintz (full request – editor)

Contemporary Romance – Short

Saving the Sheriff by Abigail Owen (full request – agent)

Saving Grace by Barbara Gerry (full request – agent)

Heart to Heart by Christine Poe

Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Romance

Fae Favored by Michelle Pike

Queen of Hearts by Harris Fischer

Gwendolyn's Story by Julie Pitzel

Historical Romance

The Secret Affair of a Duke’s Daughter by Janna MacGregor (full requests – editor & agent)

Rocky Mountain Runaway by Kathryn E. Crawford (full requests – editor & agent)

This is Us by Eleri Grace (partial request – agent)

The Grand Duke by Linda Locke (full requests – editor & agent)

The Red Parrot by Lisa Marie Wilkinson

Romantic Suspense

In Her Defense by Vicki Tharp

Betrayed by Susan Drake

The Keys to Her Heart by Harris Fischer

Young Adult Romance

Soren's Resistance by Christine Gunderson (partial request – editor & full request – agent)

Tic by Rae-Dawn Brightman (full request – agent)

Nocturne by Christina Delay (partial request – editor & full request – agent)

Daring Charlotte by Julie Glover

Best of the Best

In Her Defense by Vicki Tharp